Mikrotöne – Small is Beautiful 4


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Agustin Castilla-Ávila

ISBN: 978-3-902964-57-1
Autor: Agustín Castilla-Ávila
Seiten: 186 (englisch) über 100 Abb.,


Agustín Castilla-Ávila: Prologue
Stephen Altoft and Patrick Ozzard-Low: Personal reflections on Donald Bousted’s 19.5 for 19-division trumpet and malletKat ..
Navid Bargrizan: The Lineage from Harry Partch to Manfred Stahnke
Sam Cave: Resonance, Overtones, and Miniature Voice
Rami Chahin: Microtonal Music Classifications in Theory and Education
Jim Dalton: A Software Instrument and Tool for Just Intonation in MaxMSP
Caroline Delume: Flexibility of sound space in Francisco Luque’s music for plucked instruments
Vytautas Germanavičius: Identification of Microtonal Interval Relations in Lithuanian Vocal and Instrumental Folk Music and their Application in Music Composition
Franck Jedrzejewski: Petr Chernobrivets and the 20-Tone Universe
Raphael Ophaus: Microtonality as a structure-forming principle in the work of Michael Quell
Felipe Pinto d’Aguiar: Two pieces for solo guitar and one piece for 33 guitars utilizing microtonal scordatura.
Viktor Pushkar: The Family of 24-tone Unequal Temperaments
Ulf-Diether Soyka: Notes on ekmelic Harmony: Partials, 3rd Messiaen Scale and Maqam Husseini
Manfred Stahnke: “Just Intonation” – Possibilities in Playing and Hearing on String Instruments, especially Viola
Andrew A. Watts: Tensio Novum: Microtonal Approaches to the Guitar in the Music
of Brian Ferneyhough
Gerhard Klösch: The Sliding Keyboard – The Construction of a New Pure Tonal Instrument

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