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Autor: Agustín Castilla-Ávila
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12 Beiträge von Musikern/Wissenschaftern am Symposium „Mikrotöne: Small is Beautiful“ vom 28. – 30. Juni 2019 (Table of Contents):

Agustin Castilla-Ávila: Prologue (4)

Hans-Gunter Lock: Organizing Microtonal Pitches. Tables of Pitch-Class Sets for 13 to 24 Equal Division of the Octave as a Tool for Composers (6)

Manuel Dominguez Salas: Freedom and Movement of Microtones in Ishini’ioni String Quartet (29)

Gunda Dietzel and Gertraud Steinkogler-Wurzinger: Use and Effect of Shrutis and Gamakas in the ´Nada-Brahma System´ of Dr. Vemu Mukunda (40)

Georg Hajdu: Syntactic Considerations on the Transcription and of  the Modulation between Microtonal Scales (46)

Jacob Elkin: Just Intonation Quarter-tone Interval Diagrams and Etudes (60)

William Anderson: Eugene Lee and 18EDO (68)

Jens Rossel: Gunnar Berg – Denmark’s Microtonal Pioneer (70)

Johannes Kotschy: Microtonal Music – Just Imagination? (89)

Navid Bargrizan: ´Saxonality´; Laurent Estoppey and Navid Bargrizan in Conversation (99)

Christian Klinkenberg: Combining Microtonal Scales (112)

Richard Cameron-Wolfe:  Microtones and the Human Psyche – the Legacy of John Eaton  (118)

Eleni Ralli: Harry Partch’s Letter from Hobo Pablo – Excerpt from ´Bitter Music´ (1943); Transcription as a Tool for Analysis and Understanding of Harry Partch’s Musical Language (124)

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